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Legal Services

Corporate & Chapter 11 Division – Our corporate division is made up of seasoned attorney veterans. Our attorneys have seen a variety of corporate situations and done a lot for corporations. We focus our attention on fixing corporate problems and reorganizing troubled corporations. We know what it takes to keep a corporation healthy and sustainable and use that knowledge to build and grow new corporations. Finally, we help corporations collect the money that keeps the corporations in business.

Consumer Debt Advocate Division – TPLO started as a consumer debt advocate firm.  Our attorneys have been helping consumers for over 12 years when times are tough.  No one plans to have financial problems and often those problems result in circumstances outside the consumer’s control: such as losing a job, divorce, illness, death or bad credit.  TPLO takes extra special care of clients who fit into this division due to all of the recent fraud by debt consolidation companies and mortgage modification companies.  Let TPLO protect you and guide you through the correct path to a new life with your debt issues behind you.

Debt Reorganization and Loan Avoidance Division – TPLO has created a division to help consumers who have fallen behind in their mortgage payments or car loans to catch up on their secured debt payments over 5 years, as well as to strip second mortgages and avoid the liens on junior mortgages, judgment liens and reduce the principal of loans to the fair market value. Finally, we help American’s remove tax liens from their real and personal property through the use of Chapter 13 cramdowns.

Foreclosure Prevention Division – TPLO does not waste time with foreclosure defense strategies that may or may not work, based upon the bank’s records. Rather, we provide a guarantee that the foreclosure will be stopped through the use of Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings.

Personal Injury – TPLO began providing services in Personal Injury and Simple Wills out of the need for clients to receive appropriate representation.  Many of our clients from our other divisions requested us to help them with their personal injury claims as well as preparing a simple will.   We provide a quick and effective process and appropriate settlement for our clients.

Employment Law Division – No one has the right to discriminate against an employee in the workplace.  With that in mind, employment laws are complex, and if you do not understand the various employment laws you can become a victim of a wrongful termination without even knowing it

Adversary Proceeding Representation – AP cases are brought by a creditor in the case because the creditor believes that the debtor received money or services from the creditor due to misrepresentation, fraud and etc.  The general concept is that it would be wrong for the debtor to be allowed to discharge the debt because of the alleged bad acts that the debtor committed