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Business Debt

As a business owner, you know that the lifeblood to your company is your cash flow and available credit. However, the key to ensuring that your profit margin increases is to guarantee your corporate debt stays in check. Sometimes, a business has a hiccup that can create problems in paying all of its creditors, just like an individual. However, unlike consumers, a business is not likely to solicit the charity of people or of the government, like a homeowner facing foreclosure might be able to do. In plain simple English, a business cannot survive if it does not have the ability to pay its creditors, collect revenue owed to the company and continue to receive products and services from its vendors.

The Phillips Law Offices recognizes the inherent difficulties in managing business debt, and the need to ensure your vendors continue to work with you through the difficult times. Our law firm has attorneys who have years of experience working with and helping small and mid-sized firms manage and relieve themselves of debt, and collection problems whether that be though reviewing accounts receivable and collection procedures, negotiating with corporate creditors and vendors or reorganizing the business through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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