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Consumer Debt Lawyers

Make your debt disapearThe Phillips Law Offices started as a consumer debt advocate firm.  Our bankruptcy attorneys have been helping consumers for over 15 years when times are tough.  No one plans to have financial problems and often those problems result in circumstances outside the consumer’s control: such as losing a job, divorce, illness, death or bad credit.  We takes extra special care of clients who fit into this division due to all of the recent fraud by debt consolidation companies and mortgage modification companies.  We want consumers to know that there are legal and constitutionally protected options for them to consider.  Our bankruptcy lawyers provide those services to our clients.  We only do what the law allows us to do and we provide safe options for consumers in their most vulnerable state.  Let The Phillips Law offices protect you and guide you through the correct path to a new life with your debt issues behind you.

Debt Workout and Consolidation: We represent consumers in working out credit card debts, car loan debts and mortgage debts.  We also provide a unique debt resolution program that is designed to help consumers settle all credit card debt without the need to file a bankruptcy case.

Foreclosure Defense:  TPLO represents consumers in preventing foreclosure sales of homes in state court actions.  TPLO also represents consumers against improper sales of their homes.

Modification of Mortgages:  We provide consumers loan modification assistance in working with their bank to achieve a change to the terms of their mortgage.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases:  We are a full service Chapter 7 bankruptcy law firm.  We provide full representation to consumers that need to use their constitutional right to file a bankruptcy petition for relief.  We attend 341 meeting, fight a bank’s motion for relief from stay, asset workout with Trustees and ensure discharge of debt in each case.

Chapter 7 Adversary Proceeding Defense:  We provides defense for Chapter 7 Debtors in Adversary Proceeding complaints filed by creditors for non-dischargeability claims.  We provide full defense representation from motion to dismiss, answers, discovery, and trial.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases:   The Phillips Law Offices is a full service Chapter 13 bankruptcy firm.  We provide full representation to consumers that need to use their constitutional right to file a bankruptcy petition for relief.  Chapter 13 cases are consumer reorganization plans for consumers who just need a little help to get over their issues such as past due mortgage or car payments, tax debt and levies and credit card debt.  Our bankruptcy lawyers represent consumers by attending the 341 meeting; fights motion for relief from stay, worksout a confirmable plan and ensure discharge of the case.

Chapter 13 Cramdown and Lien Strip of Mortgages:  We provides cramdown services of investment properties and car loans in Chapter 13 cases.  In some situation, we petition the Court to reduce a mortgage or car loan to the fair market value of the collateral, thus eliminating underwater loans.  Our firm also provides lien stripping services to homeowners in Chapter 13 cases.  Through the lien stripping process, a consumer can literally remove the second mortgages owed on a home.  Again, we can bring a homeowner out from being underwater.  PLEASE note all mortgages qualify for cramdown and lien stripping, there are no Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae limitations.

Tax Debt and Offer in Compromises:      We provides services to discharge tax debt that has exceeded the statute of limitations.  TPLO can discharge taxes through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases.  If taxes are the consumer’s only issue, our firm provides Offer in Compromise services.  We assist the consumer in preparation of the Offer, financial documentation, filing of the Offer and the workout with the IRS of the Offer.

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act: Most consumers harassed by debt collectors probably think it’s impractical to hire a lawyer to fight a collection agency.  If a consumer cannot afford to pay their bills, then how would a consumer have money to hire a lawyer to fight a collection agency.  However, consumers harassed by debt collectors do not have to pay attorney’s fees and costs.  The collection agency pays your attorney’s fees and costs.

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